Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Throwback Thursday. #KeepingItReal

I think almost everyone has read Lauren Fleshman's blog Keeping it Real.  And a lot of people have read her recent column in Runners' World about a challenge to post real photos of us not looking our best.  A lot of people have shared the column or written about how awesome that idea is, but not many people (that I know/follow/stalk) have actually posted the photos.  When I read the column I decided I would post mine.  And then I couldn't find them (I don't really keep them hidden in my house, I'm in the process of moving....but that's not to say they are on display).  I came up with a million excuses until Erin blogged about it and did it*.  So here we go.

I wish I always looked like this.
Or even this (yes, I see flaws when I look at that photo)*
Or especially this-my all time favorite photo of me...
sad that it's a picture of my butt that is my favorite ;-)
And I love all those photos.  Sometimes I hang them on the fridge as motivation.  I worked hard to get that fit (and the thin was really a byproduct, but sometimes it was the motivation).  But I don't.  Here is a photo of me when I wasn't as thin or fit.  If you want to see more just go to photos of me on Facebook.  I rarely delete a tag.

IMFL 2006
I realize a lot of people would be happy if they looked like I do in these photos or how I did before I started to training for that IM (I really have no photos when I was at 170-175).  And I was blessed with being naturally thin for the most part.  Even when I was 170ish people wouldn't think I weighed that much.  Everyone has things they are good at, talented at without trying, or some genetic 'gift' that others wish they had.  I could fill a notebook with the things my friends are good without trying that I am not.

Go ahead post your pictures, from way back when, or even now.  It seems like everyone appreciates it when someone else does it, so let other people appreciate your #keepingitreal photos.

*This photo also reminds me that #keepingitreal can apply to race results too.  I have a friend who yelled at me when I told him I was unhappy with my race because of the could have, should have, would have.  He's the one who reminded me how little I've run in the last 11 months.  We all started somewhere and most have us started again somewhere less than we wanted to too.


  1. Love this! Shit, I think I delete all my ugly/fat photos and when I get some extra time I will sort through to see if I can find some to post. I've been as big as 185 (when I was 18 and partying/eating/drinking like a frat boy when I was living in NZ) and as low as 112 (when I had a wee bit of an ED).

  2. Love this, Maggs! Thanks for posting :) And, love the idea of applying to race results, too, because yes, it absolutely can, and we all do the could / should / would.