Sunday, February 16, 2014

Battle for Mobile Bay 5K

Who can resist a race 2 miles from your house? It's been a while since I raced 5Ks on a regular basis....15 years ago I moved to Las Vegas and was on antibiotics for having come in contact tuberculosis. On INH For 9 months I couldn't drink. Which really sucks when you live in Vegas and all your friends (and you) are still in the partying phase. So I threw myself into running. I trained with a local running club and ran 5Ks. My PR from then still stands strong. I honestly don't think I'll ever break that.

But today I set a comeback PR. That's how I'm going to track my PRs this year. No need to be bummed I'm not hitting the times I used to hit a few years ago. I will get there eventually and I will have real PRs then.

The race this morning was flat and had a strong head wind for the first mile and not much of a tail wind for the last mile. The middle mile was protected from the winds and wound around a residential area. I did a nice warmup with a few pick ups. I was reminded how light and thin racing flats are. I can't remember the last time I wore some. We lined up and I put myself a few rows back. The ladies in front of me were hoping to run 27 something. The gun went off and I quickly got out front and sized up the people around me. I ran a steady 7ish minute per mile pace. Not fast but what I thought I could hold. After the turn off of the main road I sort of lost my focus. There was a lot of looking around and thinking 'huh, I didn't know this street existed, there are some cute houses back here'. Oops.  It wasn't until a guy in leather tennis style shoes, wearing cammo pants, a leather belt and a polo shirt tucked in came by me that I realized I wasn't really racing.  Typical male ego picked up the pace when I started to pass him.  I let him lead until he had to stop and tie a shoe. Yep, he did that.

1 mile to go.  Hurting.
The last mile went by fast and I think I averaged 6:30ish There were three women right in front of me and a guy who runs very loud (stomping feet....this drives me crazy) right behind me. I couldn't shake him and wasn't really gaining on the ladies, but I kept pushing it. I caught one of the women with a quarter mile to go and she challenged me in he last 100 but I held her off by running so hard I could puke. And I did right after crossing the finish line.

My final time was 22 something. Not great for me, but significantly faster than the 5K I ran a month ago on Maui. 5th woman overall but 2nd in my AG. I don't do the could have, should have, would have....but well I did briefly today. And then I let it go. I'm coming off of a year of barely running. No speed work other than 2-4 pickups about every 2 weeks. And running about 15-20 miles a week. I thought about that and immediately texted my coach 'When will I start doing speed work?????' He hasn't answered yet. I also asked if I could do a half marathon next weekend. I think he's ignoring me...

They had beer at the finish line! 
After the race I stalked a couple guys who had tri bikes on their car and pretty much invited myself to ride with them. Waiting for awards and realized I was going to ride with people!!!! Any disappointment I had from not being in running shape was gone. I haven't ridden with anyone in almost a year!

The ride was a recovery ride fail. Twice as long and averaging about 80 watts higher than it should have been. But the ride gave me a lot of confidence in my bike fitness. I was able to do pulls at what I thought was my threshold for 7-10 minutes and it wasn't hard. And the guys were nice too. Today will have to be that recovery day.


  1. That's exactly how I had to look at things, "comeback PR's" - LOVE IT! Congrats on your race and getting to ride with some guys. You look great and I'm excited to see how your year goes, probably more so how it goes between your ears than your actual results. Love a good comeback story! :)

  2. LOVE this! You look like a rockstar and you sound like an athlete on the comeback with a purpose. Glad you got some beer:)

  3. Heck yeah! Nice work, Maggs… you are FAST, and you look so fit. Congrats! And, so awesome finding some guys to ride with!